“I just wanted to let you know that you were by far the best speaker at the summit.”

Antonio Salas, Student,

“Joeel’s engaging style and intellectual curiosity make him a favorite with peers and students.”

Allen A. Witt, Ph.D., Campus President, Hillsborough Community College,

“Natalie and Joeel = Focus, Love, Authenticity and RESULTS. They truly care about maintaining the integrity of your brand, event, vision or mission and know how to work with the human heart and soul behind it to create the most direct path to allowing success.  Working with them is one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

Terez Hartmann, author of ALLOWING Your Success!, http://www.allowingyoursuccess.com

“To me, there are three qualities I seek for any business arrangement: Creativity, Integrity, and Competence. The Transformation folks have raised the bar on all three. Their word is good as gold and, in my value system, there is no higher praise.”

Gregg Sanderson, Author, Speaker,

“Wow, I will never look at myself the same way again. I’m not the victim of the crap in my life, I’m gonna turn that $#!% into gold!”

Sean Wayne, Student,

“You are a dynamic duo to be reckoned with!”

Linda Tenney, Bootcamp Participant, Heart of One Creations,

“This weekend let out the can of worms that was eating me up. I was able to release them back to the earth—and there I found my joy!”

Judith Graham, Retreat Participant,

“Natalie and Joeel are very sincere in really wanting to help others succeed and live joyous lives. They are the genuine article!”

Jim Del Vecchio, Bootcamp Participant, http://LearnToAttractAbundance.com

“I feel my outlook on the world and people in general has changed. I have also realized that I can’t blame the world for choices I made.”

Ariel Parnel, Student,

“Working with Transformation is fun, exciting, refreshing—together we work on unique opportunities allowing us to be all we are designed to be.”

Joanne Weiland, Link to Expert, http://www.linktoexpert.com

“Working with the Transformation Team is invigorating because the business structure is as light as a feather. There are no burdensome mandatory processes or reporting procedures that detract from getting the job done, and each person is trusted enough to develop his or her own workflow. As an editor, editor in chief and department head for two Top 10 B-2-B publishers for almost 20 years, I base this opinion on many years of experience designing workflows and managing magazine editorial/art departments.”

Lisa Clift, Editor of Transformation Magazine,

“I haven’t stopped smiling since the retreat and I just have this incredible sense of freedom and joy.”


Jen Boyer, Retreat Participant,