From the Street to the Stage: Keys to Success

This powerful keynote takes audiences on an emotional ride that illustrates the power of education and giving our pain a purpose.  Joeel’s journey from the “streets to the stage” began when he came to the United States at an early age, knowing limited English. Joeel struggled with discrimination, was drawn the street lifestyle, and failed college his freshman year. Everything changed one summer when his brother and 3 friends passed away, followed by a near death car accident and being told that by the age of 30 he would not be able to walk. He transformed the negative into positive by seeing the meaning within the experiences. Joeel returned to college with a newfound purpose, going from academic probation to the President’s List and graduating with a Master’s Degree and currently completing his Doctorate with a focus on happiness.

Key Takeaways:

  • Unleash the power of your mind
  • Overcome adversity
  • Develop a success identity
  • Turn your pain into purpose
  • Find your driving force
  • Discover unlimited opportunities
  • Know the power of determination, commitment, and knowledge to create success

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