Ignite Your Relationships! Secrets to True Love and Happiness

Ignite Your Relationships! Secrets to True Love and Happiness:

This presentation offers proven secrets and relationship advice from EXPERTS on happiness and relationships. Joeel and Natalie have been teaching and coaching individuals, families, and couples about relationships for almost a decade. Joeel is also currently completing his dissertation for his Ph.D. in Psychology, which is focused on creating happiness from within. Plus, Joeel and Natalie are a real-life soul mate couple who experience true love and live an enlightened relationship every day!

  • Learn strategies for creating true love, soul mate relationships.
  • Understand the science of love and drama cycles, and learn how to stop them.
  • Practice communication strategies that actually WORK and help create low-conflict, highly intimate conversations.
  • Explore the power of forgiveness and effective strategies for letting go and being free.
  • Discover the secrets of TRUE happiness and how to apply these proven principles to your daily life and your relationships.

To schedule a presentation, call 941-479-0323 or email contact@transformationservices.org

(For the online course version of this presentation through Transformation University click here.)

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