Natalie Rivera

Meet Natalie

Natalie Amsden RiveraNatalie Rivera~Firestarter, professional speaker, author, entrepreneur. Natalie is passionate about empowering others to GET REAL, live authentically, and fulfill their greater purpose.
Since childhood, Natalie believed “there has to be a better way” and resisted society’s path to the so-called “American Dream”. She attended college part-time for 8 years as she grew a career in marketing and conference planning in which she tried (unsuccessfully) to make herself fit into a box. Living a life that wasn’t hers led her to feel lost and empty and develop Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Along her journey to healing she rediscovered her true self and greater purpose—to be an entrepreneur and help others transform their lives.
Raised in a multiracial, religiously diverse family, she grew up in an open-minded environment which inspired her to support diversity initiatives and create programs to empower women, minorities, and youth. Natalie has had a passion for working with youth since she was 14, when she lost a friend to gun violence. As a teenager, she was the leader of a student-run hip-hop dance troop that provided extracurricular activity, peer tutoring, and support for at-risk students.
After graduating college, Natalie retired at the age of 24 and created a life coaching center for at-risk youth. She created life-skills programs for an alternative school and developed an 8-hour communication-building curriculum, which is currently operated by the Sheriff’s Department in Seminole County Florida.
In 2009, Natalie created Transformation Services, Inc., and she is the Publisher of Transformation Magazine. Natalie believes in the power of personal transformation and that we each have the ability to experience everything we dream of, if we learn how to live in alignment with our own powerful potential. 


Experience Highlights:

  • President of Transformation Services, Inc.
  • Publisher of Transformation Magazine
  • Former President of Atman Center for Transformation
  • Founder of a non-profit teen center
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Education and Sociology
  • Instructor for life-skills at an alternative school
  • Developer of an 8-hour parent/teen program for the Juvenile Justice System
  • 11 years marketing and design
  • 6 years curriculum development and public speaking
  • Retired at the age of 24


SIGNATURE KEYNOTE: Free 2B Me! Be Authentically YOU, Own It, Don’t Apologize

free2bme(Audience: Education/Youth, Empowerment, Women)

Natalie inspires audiences to get REAL and live authentically! She encourages attendees to dig deep, beyond society’s roles and pressures, and rediscover their deepest passions, natural talents, and greater purpose.  She shares her personal journey from a childhood dream of a “better way”, to trying on “fitting into the box”, only to develop Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and later to totally transform her life by embracing her TRUE SELF. This interactive keynote not only inspires and moves participants at their core, it provides practical tools and action steps that empower individuals to create lasting change.

Key Takeaways:

  • Remember your true self by overcoming pressure to conform
  • Find your inner voice and get other people out of your head
  • Empower your beliefs by letting go of self-limitations
  • Embrace the REAL you by breaking free of old patterns and roles
  • Create a vision for your life
  • Discover your greater purpose

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