SIGNATURE TALK ~ High Schools and Colleges

Ignite Your SUCCESS

Join Joeel & Natalie for their POWERFUL signature talk that’s perfect for middle schools, high schools, and colleges! In this engaging, high energy, funny speech, they inspire students to discover the blue print for unleashing their true potential by empowering their dreams and tapping the power of their minds to eliminate their perceived limits. CLICK HERE



street to the stage

Joeel Rivera’s powerful keynote takes audiences along the his journey from the street to the stage–an emotional ride that illustrates the keys to success, the power of education and giving our pain a purpose. CLICK HERE

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Natalie Rivera inspires audiences to get REAL and live authentically! She encourages attendees to dig deep, beyond society’s roles and pressures, and rediscover their deepest passions, natural talents, and greater purpose. CLICK HERE


This presentation inspires students to discover the career they were MADE for by embracing your true self, deepest passions, natural talents, and greater purpose. CLICK HERE

Experience Highlights: EDUCATION

Joeel & Natalie have 18 years combined experience transforming lives through education, business, and personal empowerment. Below are highlights from their vast and varied careers related to youth and education:

Joeel A. Rivera, M.Ed. (READ FULL BIO):

  • Master’s Degree in Education and Counseling
  • Instructor for the Nurturing Father’s Curriculum (Head Start)
  • Supervisor of Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Resource and Referral (VPK)
  • Child Protective Investigator
  • Full-time Psychology Instructor

Natalie Rivera (READ FULL BIO):

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Education and Sociology
  • Leader of a hip-hop dance troop in high school, providing support for at-risk youth
  • Owner/Director of a non-profit teen center
  • Instructor for life-skills at an alternative school
  • Developer of an 8-hour parent/teen program for the Juvenile Justice System

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