Life Coach Training and Certifications



Joeel & Natalie have turned their sought-after life coach trainings into VIRTUAL programs, making them accessible to coaches all over the world. Over 26,000 students from 170 different countries have taken their video based certifications and courses.

Students who complete a training program receive an official life coach certification from Transformation Services, Inc. Life coach certifications available include:

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Coaching with Joeel & Natalie

Joeel & Natalie accept a small number of coaching clients. Why a small number? 2 reasons. One is that their time is valuable and limited. The other is that they ONLY want to work with clients who are TRULY COMMITTED to achieving the results they are after. Their coaching is INTENSE, no “bs” and will challenge even the most adept self-developement junkie.

Joeel & Natalie offer coaching in VIP format only because EVERYONE they work with is a VIP! This means sessions are scheduled as 4 to 8 hour VIP days and can take place in person (at your desired location) or via Skype. (VIP days allow the coaching experience to create quantum leaps in transformation through intensive activities with a high level of focus. This is as opposed to the 30-60 minute weekly coaching model, which Joeel & Natalie have found to be too slow and too easy to bail out of. With a whole day together, everyone is committed!)

Multi-day or week-long “Extreme Life Makeover” Experiences are also available (and not for the faint of heart).

So, if you REALLY MEAN IT… you are 100% committed to living a life ON FIRE… ON PURPOSE… then we welcome a coaching application. Please complete the application below.


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PLEASE ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS: Why do you feel Joeel and Natalie would be the right coaching relationship for you? Why are you committed to igniting your life? What are your dreams and what do you wish to accomplish through your coaching? Are you dreaming big enough to be TRULY COMMITTED to your desired outcomes? Is there anything else you would like us to know?