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Are you looking for a speaker with a life-changing message that will create lasting transformation in your audience?


We promise to

the crowd and inspire a




Here’s the inside scoop:

We are event planners ourselves who have planned multi-speaker conferences, large festivals, and intensive weekend retreats–we get it! We know how important it is for you to successfully meet the following objectives:

  1. Find a DYNAMITE speaker to engage your audience and create lasting results
  2. Keep things simple, easy and FUN

So, we are committed to TAKING CARE OF YOU
by exceeding your expectations!




red carpetWhy Choose Us? We’re ON FIRE!

  • We are authentic, real, high energy and funny
  • We have tons of relevant experience
  • We stir audience members at their core
  • We genuinely live what we teach
  • We get the audience on their feet
  • We inspire lasting transformation
  • We are a joy to work with

Easy Breezy!

As promised, we make hiring us simple and fun! We offer upfront, reasonable, flat-rate fees and do NOT charge for travel expenses. (And, no, in case you’re wondering, we do NOT charge extra to have BOTH speakers.)

But it’s not about the money–it’s about making a difference! And for that reason, we are committed to inspiring your audience–even if we need to get CREATIVE with our agreement (such as referrals, multi-event contracts, product purchases, etc). And so, we’ve decided to offer a “NAME YOUR OWN PRICE” application process.

We promise our team will review all applications and we’ll do our BEST to make it work (although we cannot guarantee availability–we’re busy bees)! We look forward to IGNITING with you!


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